Building and managing an email opt-in list for your website is one way to drive targeted customers to your website.

Aim to reach the inboxes of your target audience, and it can take a while to build up a focussed email mailing list.

Add Subscribers to Your List and Reach Your Target Audience in Northern Ireland

Here are some pointers to boost your email list-building strategy in Northern Ireland:

  • Using incentives can be a great way to build and manage your list. People love freebies, especially when they are of value, such as a video course, white paper, e-book or discount coupon.
  • You can create a sign-up page to explain the advantages to the subscribers. You should make sure that the sign up procedure is simple, and avoid asking for too much personal information like phone numbers and addresses.
  • Another great idea for getting prospects to join your list is to sponsor contests with attractive prizes for the winner.
  • Always make sure the email is designed to reach your target audience. Keeping the email simple and easy to navigate will help you generate a good click through rate and boost your sales.
  • Your email marketing success depends upon segmenting your list into specific targeted groups for your marketing campaigns. Segmentation should be based on demographic information such as gender, ethnicity, location, marital status, birth date and occupation; product or service interest, activity (click, open, or delete rates), personalities or previous purchasing behaviour.

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