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Improve Website Traffic with Google AdWords

Written by WSI
― 16 April 2012

Google AdWords allows website owners like you to advertise on Google search results pages. It is among the most powerful promotional tools being used to advertise various products and services on the Internet.

Ads on Google sold through AdWords appear on the top of search results in both the tan area and in the right hand column. Pay-per-Click or PPC campaigns in Northern Ireland can deliver astounding ROI with the help of Google AdWords Professionals who have the experience and knowledge to create, implement, monitor and manage effective online marketing.

The leading Web design company in Northern Ireland can help your business use Google Adwords with the aim to improve your online visibility and boost the ROI of your Internet advertising campaigns.

Accelerate Your PPC Campaigns in Northern Ireland

How can Google Adwords Help Your Business?

  • Attract interested customers and show your ads at the exact moment when potential customers are searching on Google for keywords that describe your products or services
  • Reduce your advertising costs and pay only when people click on your ad
  • You can set the limit on how much you’re willing to spend on your ads each day; Google AdWords shows your ad as often as possible up to this limit
  • Make changes whenever you want—change your ad or account at any time, as often as you like
  • Get detailed reports on how many clicks your ads received, how many of those clicks actually converted into sales, and much more
  • PPC with Google AdWords is very measurable and you can calculate ROI unlike many other types of advertising campaigns

Here’s what the leading SEO company in Northern Ireland can do to optimize your Google Adwords PPC campaigns:

  • Keyword and key phrase research and optimization
  • Creation and expansion of ads
  • Pruning of low performance keywords and ads
  • Professional account management
  • Structured campaign management
  • Optimization and expansion of ad groups
  • Budget management
  • Ad and conversion tracking

Get a free consultation today to understand how paid search or PPC in Ireland can improve your online search rankings.

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